Calling All Young Homemakers

If you are under 16 and love cooking, sewing, decorating, house crafts and generally looking after your home, or you would like to learn more about these things…


Prepare & Serve: Be My Guest!

In this competition, teams of 2 will be asked to prepare and serve a themed Appetizer, which can include canapés,  hors d’œuvre, tapas, and starters of your choice. . 

Make it a Welcoming World!

Each group will prepare a presentation which may include a demonstration, display, PowerPoint presentation, video or workshop on the topic ‘Make it a Welcoming World!’.

Create a fantastic Celebration Cake!

In this competition, creativity takes center stage!
You will be  given 1½ hours to decorate and set-up your cake and then you will  present your work to the judges.

They really enjoy it!

It was the first time that I joined the competition and we have tones of fun!!!!

Lizzie Thompson

You will have a great great time and also you learn a lot!!!

Emma Velasquez

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